Enabling Products as Unique as the Individual

Panaceutics Nutrition’s platform enables unparalleled consumer benefits.

Our technology combines nutrients  into an all-in-one, easy to consume format that delivers high supplement doses, improved bioavailability, and can be adjusted specifically for each individual’s unique needs. 

Our patented, chemistry and robotics manufacturing gives partners the ability to efficiently provide products improving supplement adherence and health outcomes.

Trends and Dilemmas


Diagnostics and data




Lack of Individualized Products 

Decision Complexity

Adherence to supplements 

Panaceutics Can Close the Gap

Suspension Delivery Format

A high-concentration customized hydrogel containing a range of micronutrients

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High-Speed Robotic Production

High Speed Efficient Manufacturing at the Individual Scale

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Data Translation

We can convert complex user data into an individual product using algorithms

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The Technology

Panaceutics can combine a full range of nutrients into single products for partners:

  • Critical micronutrients like vitamins and minerals
  • Important macronutrients like fiber, healthy fats, and proteins
  • Targeted botanicals, phytonutrients, and probiotics that take nourishment to the next level

Where we are:

Personalized N of 1 manufacturing and our Research and Development Center

Manufacturing Facility and Corporate Headquarters