Enabling nutritional products as unique as the individual

Your Customers Deserve Something Truly Unique

Smoothies with Advanced Benefits

Superior Bioavailability

  Suspension based technology increases absorption

Eliminate Pills and Powders

Eliminate pill swallowing and messy multi-step preparations that take time

Great Tasting

Without added sugars or preservatives

Personalized to Any Degree

From a single product for one individual to suites of products targeting specific needs

All in One Solutions

Ready to eat so you can take it on the go. Convenience helps you stick to your plan.

Design and Deliver Exactly to Your Customers Needs

Create with Us

Innovative product
co-creation and re-creation

Low barriers
to market entry

Agile Business Partner

Flexible manufacturing
and supply

Create unique products that demand a premium

Profit growth and
partnering incentives

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Diagnostic Developers

Diagnostic designers who want:

Product Developers

New entrants into developing spaces who want to:

Platform Developers

Companies investing in personalization who want:

Idea Developers

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