Science Plus Technology Plus Data Equal Groundbreaking Nutrition

Panaceutics technology has revolutionized the ability to provide customized and personalized nutrition. Combined with advancements in nutritional science, Panaceutics’ unique manufacturing capabilities make the mass customization of targeted formulas for specific end user groups both simple and affordable. What sets Panaceutics apart is the ability to apply proprietary robotics and automation to customize these products to individual end user specifications. The art and science of personalization continue to advance quickly at Panaceutics with complete individualized, personalized nutrition as the ultimate goal.

The Panaceutics process currently supports a level of personalization of nutrition products on a wide variety of criteria. Plus, these unique formulas can be adjusted with every order or as the user’s needs change:

  • Life stage, gender, ethnicity
  • Health concern like immunity building, gut health improvement, heart health support, etc.
  • Activity levels, eating habits, and other lifestyle choices
  • Personal beliefs about nutrition
  • Genetic traits and health indicator test results

Using state-of-the-art data collection, education, and analytics, Panaceutics can guide users to the formula that best addresses their goals whether that is to fill in nutritional gaps, strengthen immunity, or address a specific health concern. Since users order only a 14-day supply, they can adjust and tailor their formulas to best support their needs every two weeks.

Manufacture in Panaceutics’ clean, sustainably operated USA facilities ensures freshness and timely deliveries for end users across the country.