Why Panaceutics Nutrition is different

Versions of personalized nutrition have been available for some time, based mostly on mass produced vitamins and minerals in a pill form.  Panaceutics offers several differentiators that make its products more interesting, more personalized and more attractive.

Five reasons Panaceutics nutrition products are different

Customized to your wants and needs

If you buy vitamins or minerals, you may be taking more than you need, or less than you need, depending on the dosage.  With Panaceutics, you determine which vitamins and minerals you want, and the daily dosage.  You get just what you want, no more, no less.

A tasty smoothie, not a packet of pills

Pill packs aggregate the collection of pills that many people take every day, but they don’t
overcome the hassle of taking multiple pills in a single setting.  People who dislike pills or who have difficulty swallowing pills may struggle to consume the vitamins and other nutritional products they want to consume. With Panaceutics, you get to eat a tasty smoothie that combines the nutrients you’ve asked for in a tasty food base.

Micro and macro ingredients combined

Pills are fine for micro-ingredients, but what about macro-ingredients like fats and fibers, or other nutritional ingredients?  Panaceutics is the only company to offer a complete range of micro- and macro-ingredients in one serving.  No more guesswork, no more multiple pills, powers, gels and other products.


Consumers can restructure their list of nutrients and ingredients on every order.  Want more Vitamin C or Omega 3s?  Just increase the dosage in the next order.  Want to eliminate fiber?  Easy! Consumers control the ingredients and dosing, so they can change your nutritional consumption on an order by order basis.


Our nutritional products are packaged in a standard squeezable pouch, which does not require refrigeration and can be consumed virtually anywhere, any time. You won’t need water to swallow pills or mix powers.  Toss a pouch into your purse, briefcase, lunchbox or backpack and get the nutrition you want, when you want it.