Designed for Optimal Nourishment

Panaceutics’ personalized fruit smoothie offers many desirable and unique benefits that pills and powders can’t provide like:

  • Combines macro and micro nutrients in one complete product instead of many pills or powders
  • Fruit puree is tasty and much easier to swallow
  • Smoothie pouch is easier to handle—no spilled powders or dropped pills
  • Grab and go convenience for busy people
  • Pre-formulated and pre-packaged—no measuring errors or unwanted ingredients and no clean up necessary afterwards
  • Manufacturing technology enables mass customization at an affordable price with personalization options available so that partners can design programs for specific target consumer groups

Take a look at Panaceutics’ i-Vive™ Immunity products to see the direct-to-consumer personalized nutrition concept brought to life.


i-Vive Product Line