We take personalized nutrition data and create individual suspension pouches within 2-3 minutes using our high speed manufacturing technology.

Our Capabilities

Platform Development

  • Unique platform development service
  • Health science expertise for Product design
  • Data translation
  • Data API capability translates available personal data – made to order
  • Ready multi-scale supply chain

Product Development

  • Human health and nutrition experts facilitate efficacious product content
  • Formulation experts facilitate taste vs. content design decisions
  • Broad matrix of compound experience
  • Flexible scaling allows iterative trials and market validation

DTC Supply

  • Ready manufacturing assets at two locations
  • White label to fully personalized
  • Formulation experts facilitate taste vs. content design decisions
  • Pouch format – 2 Oz, 4 Oz.
  • Future format – Bars

11 Patents and counting...

Create With Us

Diagnostic Developers

Diagnostic designers who want:

  • More demand for testing
  • Revenue extension via products

Product Developers

New entrants into developing spaces who want to:

  • Trial products quickly and iteratively
  • Lower up front investments

Platform Developers

Large companies investing in personalization who want:

  • Vertical integration
  • Product solutions that match the diagnostic front end

Be our partner

Our partners use our technology and distribution to deliver customized “pill free”, all-in-one, nutrition pouches to their customers. A 30-day supply is built in a few minutes and delivered without refrigeration, direct to the consumer. We can help you produce and distribute efficiently.