Personalized Nutrition

Personalized nutrition is the concept of tailoring specific nutrients, including:

  • vitamins,

  • minerals,

  • fibers,

  • proteins,

  • healthy fats,

  • botanicals and

  • nutraceuticals

to a small subset of consumers, or in the most personalized case, to an individual consumer, based on scientific information about their health or diet, or personal preferences or beliefs.

Recent market analysis indicates the personalized nutrition market is a $7B market today, growing at a compound annual growth rate over 9%.

Panaceutics Personalized Nutrition

Panaceutics Nutrition delivers nutrition products for small segments of the population (mass customization) and at an individual scale through insights from science, from diet, from personal selection and beliefs.

Science can tell us a lot about an individual’s health, food consumption, digestion, absorption of important vitamins and minerals and more.  From scientific tests including blood work, genetic tests and micro-biome tests we can help consumers identify the macro and micro-ingredients they need to get healthy and stay healthy.

But food and nutrition is more than simply science.  We offer a wide array of vitamins, minerals, nutraceuticals and other supplements to complete every desire and lifestyle.  Whether consumers are complementing their existing diet, eating to become healthier, adding more vitamins, minerals or fiber to their diet, or trying to replace or replenish after a hard workout, we can help you design the nutrition you want and need.

Personalized Nutrition – why now?

The idea of personalized nutrition has been around for years.  Who doesn’t want food, nutrition and health scaled uniquely to their wants, needs and beliefs?  Only recently, however, has science been able to understand the dietary and nutrition needs of individuals, and technology been able to produce a highly customized nutrition product at very small scale at reasonable cost.

So, as new genetics, micro-biome and blood tests emerge, we can now tailor nutrition to smaller and smaller groups, even to an individual.

Personalized Nutrition – who needs it?

Given the advancements in blood testing, genetic testing and other testing, we know more about the nutritional needs and gaps of customer segments and individuals.  With advancements in science and in manufacturing, we can now produce nutrition tailored to the needs of individuals.  The good news is that everyone can benefit from these advances.  There are literally dozens of segments of customers who can use customized nutrition. As more consumers obtain blood, genetic and micro-biome tests, these individuals form the most obvious market for scientifically formulated nutrition. Many other segments exist, including nursing moms, kids or people overcoming cancer surgery.  With new technology and blending capabilities, we can tailor nutrition to just about any group, and more specifically to almost any individual need.