We work with a number of important partners to design, develop and deliver our industry leading nutrition products.  These partners include:

  • Large food and CPG companies that want to provide mass customization or highly personalized nutrition products
  • Nutritional ingredients providers who can provide a broad range of active ingredients that meet our standards
  • Channel partners who serve specific markets or segments that want new, personalized offerings
  • Venture and Private Equity firms that can help us scale our science and technology

Large Food and CPG Company partners

Our partnerships with large food and CPG companies spring from our unique ability to deliver inexpensive yet personalized nutrition products.  This capability offers our food and CPG companies the potential for product extension and the entry into mass customization or even product personalization.  Our technology and process has been tested and piloted by several Fortune 500 companies interested in product line extension, mass customization or product personalization.


Channel Partners focused on specific customer segments

Panaceutics works with a variety of channel partners, to help our partners provide new, interesting and tasty products to your consumers, in your packaging. Our channel partners focus on specific markets or channels, and span a wide variety of segments:

  • Consumers who have information about their genetic makeup or other scientific information from tests – what some call the “quantified self” or bio-hackers
  • Specialized markets or customer niches – pediatrics, geriatrics, post-surgery, pregnant or nursing moms
  • Older consumers who take multiple vitamins or other nutritional products and have difficulty swallowing