Enabling nutritional products as unique as the individual

Our patented suspension and robotic manufacturing system provides a heterogeneous mixture in a pouch format that offers a customized product for quick consumption. Our partners use our technology and distribution to deliver customized “pill free”, all-in-one, nutrition pouches to their customers. A 30-day supply is built in a few minutes and delivered without refrigeration, direct to the consumer.


Data Translation

• Personal data to individual product
• Algorithms for product developers
• Custom application programming interface (API’s)


High-Speed Robotics

• High speed efficient manufacturing at “individual” scale: N-1
• Modular - easy to locate
• Pharma level quality


Suspension Delivery

• “All-in-one” pouch
• Micro and macro nutrients
• High concentrations of supplement level doses
• No added ingredients, easy to consume, easy to adsorb, great taste

Patented high-speed suspension technology using algorithms for personalized production.

Our format works

Get the nutrients you need without unnecessary ingredients like pills, stick packs, gels, and gummies. Smoothie pouches allow for easy absorption and include high concentrations of both micro and macro nutrients.

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